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By Chuck Sanger

Some over-the-top media characterizations of Nestlé’s “magic sugar” created by its “Mad Scientists” notwithstanding, the announcement that the company has discovered a way to create the same sweet taste while using less sugar is a game-changer.

Major players in the nutrition space such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest [CSPI] will make sure that the game changes on the heels of its announcement, whether the discovery delivers as promised or not.

Expect CSPI and other nongovernmental organizations [NGOs], that long have surmised that the technology exists to do just what Nestlé’s claiming, to start making the rounds of other major food producers challenging those companies to make similar moves.

Nestlé deserves props for making the announcement, delivering on a public desire for less sugary [I won’t say ‘healthier’] treats and in so doing engaging with NGOs, either directly or indirectly, and creating a dialogue that the public wants to have.

Many companies are afraid to take that step. Nestlé isn’t. What company will be next?

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